quinta-feira, 15 de abril de 2010

Amazing Re-Envisioned Movie Posters

It's been a long time I have noticed that there are several posters of famous and cults movies circulating on the Internet. But the big difference is that these were examples of brilliant reinterpretations made by several designers. What is most interesting in these reinventions is that they manage to convey ideas and concepts of the films in different, but brilliant ways. From the entire collection of works that I collected my absolute favorite is Youssef Ibrahim and his minimalist work.

Hope you like it guys and start making your own versions. See ya.

Ibrahim Youssef

Tom Whalen

Chris Thornley

Tomasz Opasinski

Dr. Monster

Brandon Schaefer

Tyler Stout

Laz Marques

Rafael Müller

Jeff Kleinsmith

Marcos C.

Other artists

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Carol Petry Matzenbacher disse...

dude, thats totally terrific. congrats for the brillant post.

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